Specialist in General Psychiatry
Senior Consultant


Private Consultant Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatric Assessment and Diagnosis
Coaching in addiction issues -Alcohol and Drugrelated Treatment

Psychiatric Services and Treatment incl

Stress Anxiety and Depression
Sleeping Disturbances
Chronic Fatigue and Performance Disturbance
Chronic Non-Malignant Painsyndrome
Eating Disorder Anorexia/Bulimia
Psychiatric Consultancy Driver Licence


More information:
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Gustav Foghammar is available for private psychiatry appointments.He provides a full range of out-patient psychiatric services including assessment and diagnosis, as well as development of treatment plans including medication and psychological therapy. He is GMC-registered and on the Specialist Register.In addition to being a qualified consultant psychiatrist he has a GP/Family Medicine Specialisation.He has been working with a variety of psychiatric disorderas as anxiety,emotional behavioural disorder,depression,bipolar diseases,eating disorder,hyperactivity and autistic spectrumdisorder,addiction,chronic fatigue and pain syndromes and has been advisor as legal expert in court and for governmental health care services.

Medically accountable Gustav Foghammar. Is a consultant and specialist in general medicine, general psychiatry and many years of experience in occupational health. Prolonged worked with stress-related problems and various forms of impaired performance somatic and psykiskt.Har clinical experience in both acute medical and everyday general medical conditions to more severe traumas in psychiatry, among others at the Center for Torture and Trauma Diagnosis Karolinska Hospital, Pain Centre Uppsala University Hospital UAS. He has worked as a consultant at the Department of Stress Medicine CEOS (www.ceos.nu at UAS) and SCA (Stockholm Centre for Eating Disorders) with anorexia, etc. Has also subspecialization of Neuropsychiatry Unit, Astrid Lindgren Children with ADHD and autism and older psychiatric treatments and utredningar.Arbetat at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital Emergency Room, inter alia, with orthopedics and sports injuries in children and adolescents. Company doctor hinting at Scania AB, Sweden, The Coca Cola Company, Spray and Razor Head and others. Former Member of the Advisory Board at the Swedish Läkaresällskapet.Fysisk activity holistic approach to the individual constitutes the basic philosophy in the treatment of the individual patient with a central humanistic ethical förhållningssätt.Lite general information Dr. Gustav Foghammar also has a longstanding sports medicine background .Are covenant doctors and has for many years Back collaborated with Swedish boxning.Varit Chairman of the Medical Committee of the SBF (Swedish Boxing Federation) .Läkarkonsult to the football club Assyriska FF and including Finnish national team swimmer. Is himself a former elite swimmers among other Nordic champion and currently active at the Masters level at Stockholmspolisen.Startade Gustavsbergs Simsällskap. The reception can handle clinical studies of somatic problems and investigation and study of disability due to the influence of the performance of other causes such as stress, nutrition or other problems at work or in private. Cooperation with the neuropsychologist and respect dependency among others with Castle Craig www.castlecraig.co.uk and Sweclinic www.sweclinic.wix.com/sweclinic-pl